Physical French Phonics

A sound, action and spelling system for learning French pronunciation.
Tried and tested in the classroom with both children and adults.

A book by Sue Cave & Jean Haig

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For teachers and independent learners, Physical French Phonics is a multisensory resource to help you become more confident about French pronunciation as well as teach it.

  • Sound

    Audio recordings by native speakers of 26 key French sounds with memorable cartoon pictures which link the sounds to the actions

  • Action

    Video recordings of native speakers performing the accompanying actions for the sounds

  • Spelling

    Photocopiable resources to practise the spellings including flashcards, activity cards and wall frieze as well as interactive whiteboard files to create your own resources

Physical French Phonics provides a step-by-step guide on how to embed phonics in language learning with accompanying classroom activities

“A strength of the book’s approach is that it begins by helping pupils acquire the sounds of the language (phonemes) before going on to link these to their written representations (graphemes).”

“Physical French Phonics contains a wealth of engaging activities for helping pupils to practise the recognition and production of both phonemes and graphemes, and the links between these.”

“Having seen it in action with several different year groups, it was clear that pupils enjoyed the physical actions and that these helped them to decode French words.”

Dr Robert Woore, Departmental Lecturer (Applied Linguistics)
University of Oxford

“I cannot recommend highly enough ‘Physical French Phonics’. The book and DVD give you everything you need to present a method which appeals to all ages for learning the perfect pronunciation for all French sounds...I have found it invaluable with my classes at all levels, all ages and all abilities.”

Helen Myers - Secondary Teacher

“I like the look of it and I feel sure that it will go a long way to improving the standard of the teaching of French pronunciation: the fact that it does so in an amusing way is important!”

Professor Emeritus Glanville Price - University of Aberystwyth

Winner of the European Language Label Award 2012

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